Infrastructure & Development

Infrastructure Development

Due to their direct relation to growth and employment, infrastructures exhibit flexible trends and, therefore, complex challenges which affect total cost for society. Presently, the limited resources available in most areas require focused management to serve increasing demand with reasonable expansion, whereas the pronounced lack of public funding calls forth the application of PPP/Concession schemes for most sound projects.

Having developed in-depth understanding of prevailing conditions in this environment, DEZZEY undertakes an active role in responding to such complex needs, offering a wide range of integrated management and control services to public sector authorities and private sector enterprises, referring to all main types of infrastructure, from transport & hydraulic networks to energy/ environment & civil infrastructure and real estate & cadastre development. Our services address all main stages along project life cycle, as well as specific technical advisory needs, including:

  • Feasibility, Preparatory & Special Studies
  • Design & Tender Management
  • Programme, Project Management
  • Construction Management & Supervision
  • Technical Advisory Services